Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Slutty Chicks Rule

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I’m not talking about girls that sleep around or are considered promiscuous. I am talking about girls that meet Webster’s definition of slutty behavior which is defined as someone who engages in prostitution.

The concept of exchanging the pleasures of your body for cash is so simple yet I find it irresistible. Some people may believe I am addicted to sex with hookers, but I think I am obsessed with women that sell it. I actually think I can’t enjoy the sexual act unless I know the lady is submitting to sex with me for a few bucks (well, a lot of buck – the hookers I go for are pretty expensive).

I love the fact that these women are so open about their desire or need for money. I regret whatever circumstances that might have led them to my door. But in a society where people do all sorts of things to disguise their true intentions, I find it refreshing that there are women out there that not only are open about their interest in my money but offer their ass in exchange.

So, to all the slutty chicks out there, here here!

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